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Rafael Cesar


B.A., Luso-Brazilian Literatures, The Federal University of Rio de Janeiro; M.A., Lusophone African Literatures, The Fluminense Federal University, Brazil; Ph.D., Spanish and Portuguese, New York University


Fictions of Racelessness: The ‘Latin American’ Racial Imaginaries of Angola (1878-1992)

Thesis Advisor:

Sibylle Fischer, Professor of Spanish and Portuguese, New York University

Research Topic:

The racial imaginary of the mainstream Angolan nationalism, particularly the translation of Latin American racial imaginaries of mestizaje, colorblindness and racelessness and its consequences in that black-African space and anti-colonial context.


Estelle Tarica, Professor of Latin American Literatures and Cultures, University of California, Berkeley

Current Position:

President’s Postdoctoral Fellow, Department of Spanish and Portuguese, University of California, Berkeley