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Fellowship Recipients FAQ's

Getting started


Q:  Can I defer my start date?
A:  Yes. You may send a request to defer your appointment start date up to three months to the Fellowship Office. Requests to defer your appointment start date are limited to three months and require the approval of the Director. Participation in program events, access to research funds and hiring incentive eligibility will begin on the fellowship start date.

Q:  When do I receive my first paycheck?
A:  The first paycheck is issued after the first month of the fellowship appointment. Fellows with July 1 start dates receive the first paycheck on August 1.

Q:  How do I sign up for health benefits?
A:  One month prior to the fellowship start date, fellows should contact the host department contact listed in the award letter for instructions about completing necessary payroll and benefits forms.

Q:  How do I access my research funds?
A:  Fellows should contact the department manager for instructions on how to access research funds. All research fund accounts are distributed in accordance with University and department policies.

Q:  What can I use my research funds for?
A:  Research funds may be used to purchase computers, equipment, books, supplies and any other materials needed for scholarly work. Research funds also may be used for conferences and travel related to scholarly work, including domestic or international travel.

Q:  How do I purchase a new computer?
A:  Fellows may use research funds to purchase a new computer. The program recommends that fellows check with the department, school or campus to purchase the computer in accordance with local procedures and/or buying programs. Please note that computers purchased with research funds are the property of the University of California and subject to UC equipment inventory policies. These policies are described here and campus may have further policies regarding such items. 

Q:  Can I take my computer with me at the end of the fellowship?
A:  If you transition to another educational institution, government entity, or non-profit organization after the fellowship, University policy permits the transfer of computers and other equipment to that entity. That institution must be willing to pay fair-market value for the equipment. If you wish to request such a transfer, 1) obtain the approval of your mentor, 2) provide a confirmation from your new institution that they are willing to pay fair-market value for the computer and 3) forward the request to the department chair for reviewPlease note that the host campus has discretion in this matter because the funds used to purchase the equipment are administered at the department level and must conform to local policies and procedures. If you transition to another UC department, work with your hiring department to request a transfer of equipment.

Q:  How do I request relocation reimbursement?
A:  Fellows should submit a request for relocation reimbursement to the department contact listed in the award letter.

Q:  Can I change or revise my research proposal after meeting with my mentor?
A:  Yes. Under the consultation of the faculty mentor, the fellow may revise the research proposal.

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Q: How often should I meet with my mentor
A:  The program encourages the fellow to meet regularly with the mentor with the understanding that there will be times when one or both will be traveling and unable to meet, especially during job searches and holiday breaks.

Q: What should I do if I need to change mentors?
A:  Fellows should inform program staff early on if there are problems with the mentoring arrangement, so that an alternate arrangement can be facilitated, such as a co-mentoring situation, as needed.

Q:  Can I add a co-mentor ?
A:  Yes.  Fellows may add a co-mentor formally or informally at any time during the fellowship.

Q:  How long should I spend doing fieldwork for my research during a fellowship year?
A:  Fellows should meet with their mentors to discuss how much time should be spend conducting research in the field and how much time should be spent in-residence on the campus. The program encourages fellows to establish a presence in their department or school to support building professional networks with faculty from the host department and at other UC campuses.

Q:  Is my host department required to provide me with a private office?
A:  The program asks host departments to make every effort to find appropriate office space for you during your fellowship appointment. Given the limited office space on many campuses, fellows may be asked to share office space with other postdoctoral scholars or mentors

Q:  How do I get invited to other UC departments to give talks?
A:  The program encourages fellows to talk to their mentors and other faculty in their field to seek opportunities to give research presentations at UC campuses. The program will pay for the cost of travel to other UC campuses for this purpose.

Q:  How does the hiring incentive work?  How do I describe the hiring incentive to interested faculty and department chairs ?
A:  UC campuses receive a financial incentive if they hire a UC President’s Postdoctoral Fellow or a Chancellor’s Postdoctoral Fellow into a ladder rank faculty position.  The program encourages mentors to inform colleagues and hiring committees about the incentive.  Fellows may refer UC faculty and department chairs to the PPFP website or office staff for information about the hiring incentive.

Q:  How long am I eligible for the Hiring Incentive?
A:  Fellows appointed from 1996 forward are eligible for the hiring incentive and are eligible for as long as the hiring incentive is funded.

Q:  What is the process for renewing the fellowship appointment for a second term?  What is the percentage of fellowship appointments that are renewed?
A:  Some fellowship appointments are renewable for a second term upon demonstration of sufficient academic productivity.  If you are eligible for renewal, the program will send you a renewal application after the sixth month of the fellowship appointment.  Approximately 95% of renewal applications are approved each year.

Q:  What if my mentor can’t attend a program event?  Will that effect my renewal application?
A:  The program office is aware that faculty may have previous commitments that prevent them from attending the program events. If your mentor cannot attend, this will not affect consideration of the renewal application.

Q:  What should I do if my mentor takes a sabbatical leave during my fellowship?
A:  If the faculty mentor will be away during the fellowship year, the fellow should select a co-mentor who provide support and guidance and be invited to attend program events with the fellow during the primary mentor’s sabbatical leave.

Q:  What should I do if my host department or faculty mentor offers me a teaching assignment?
A:  Teaching activities are permitted only in accordance with the program's teaching policy and with the permission of the program director.  Teaching activities outside the UC system are not permitted.  Teaching policies governing your appointment may be reviewed at: Teaching Policy

Q:  What should I do if I need medical or maternity leave?
A:  Fellows should contact the department manager or staff responsible for benefits counseling for instructions and guidance on the medical and maternity leave benefits.

Q:  How can I connect with other fellows?
A:  The program strongly encourages fellows to set up a web page at to facilitate networking with other fellows and scholars. The program also supports writing groups, listservs and other peer group networks to provide the additional structure needed to maintain productivity in the sometimes solitary environment of postdoctoral work.

Q:  What other resources are available to support me in my fellowship?
A:  The program has received very positive feedback about the National Center for Faculty Development and Diversity (NCFDD).   All fellows are eligible to use their research funds for a membership if their host campus doesn't have an institutional membership.  For more information on the NCFDD, please visit:

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